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Take a seat.

When you’re invited to the TLR, you can expect to be held accountable at new levels of greatness. A community of thought-leaders who are dedicated to elevating and challenging each other. A seat that gives you the freedom to build your personal brand and escape the grind of doing daily tasks.

A seat at the TLR is where you’ll find the answers to your personal brand & business questions, a sounding board for your ideas, and a safe space for real conversations and feedback.

Join Lisa Patrick and other extremely successful thought leaders, those who have been where you want to go. Take a seat at the round table and grow your business so you can live life and build a legacy on your terms.

The Thought Leaders Roundtable (The TLR) is a mastermind membership by application only. Click on the button below to chat with us and start the application process.

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Lisa has exceeded my expectations with every facet of my brand and division in my business. I don't think she sleeps. Most importantly she treats me like family and treats my brand as if it was her own.

– Lorne Rubis, Lorne Rubis Co.

Be distinctively unforgettable.

It means wielding great skill and brilliance.

Executives, influencers, coaches, speakers, and authors bring their BRAVURA;

to the Thought Leaders Roundtable to optimize their wisdom and amplify personal brand, to stay relevant in this fast changing world.


Topics and challenges with trusted allies, like-minded thought leaders who are in the same trenches as you.

Tools, tips, techniques, and feedback. Hear from peers who have already been where you want to go; and are happy to share their insights.

Whether you hit the small milestones that ultimately get you to the bigger goals or achieve the big goals.

There to help amplify your wins and pick up the pieces when you have learning moments (and you will). They will keep you moving forward.

Overcome challenges.

With a roundtable of thought partners.

Eliminate self-sabotage. A table of high-powered givers is relentless when it comes to problem solving and results.

Lisa is well known for her network of high-profile accomplished experts. Engage in private, exclusive conversations with these though leaders who will share that their personal brand and business experiences, so you walk away with the most desirable and impactful strategies to help you achieve greater impact.

Presentations focus on a single relevant key topic or idea, with practical insights and can be immediately applied to get new results.

You need break-outs with like-minded thought partners with whom to bounce off ideas, get validation when needed, genuine feedback, and recognize that you are not alone.  

Celebrate the wins and the fails. There are lessons and discoveries in both.

(Regular $1500 every three months) 
Introductory Offer: $500 for the first three months.

Every two weeks, for a minimum of 90 days, you’ll have virtual access to me ( encouragement, guidance, tough love), my Relevancy Framework, Investigative System and processes, resources, my network, and the exact amount of accountability you need to get you out of your own way. All so you can take massive action to move the needle on where you want to be in your life and personal brand this year.

90 Days of Accountability; 365 Days/Year

6 virtual sessions (one hour each) that will elevate you and your thought leadership business.

You will experience:

  • 2 Fireside Chats (one hour each) with world-class entrepreneurs
  • 4 Round Table Discussions (one hour each) with your TLR peers
  • Each session hones in on a single topic, technique, tool or idea, and includes collaborative Hot Seats to solve your biggest challenges and celebrate the wins.


Thought Leaders Roundtable Mantra:

Elevate each other to a higher frequency of greatness.

What makes us different.

Are you a thought leader looking for a higher frequency of greatness?

Do you fit the criteria?

Whether you are a transitioning executive, just starting your personal brand, or you are looking to amplify your existing brand, we have curated the tables with like-minded thought leaders to ensure the best experiences.

It takes courage to build a legacy. It takes true grit to bet on yourself. It takes money to take massive action. We look for those who are willing to invest in themselves. And those with the grace to learn and share hard-earned lessons. 

We look for people who want to build long-term businesses, and not “get rich quick” money making programs.

We look for those who are committed to taking action and being accountable to doing the work.

We look for those who rise by lifting and supporting others. Those who create wins for everyone at the table. Those who are building a legacy of service.

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Lisa is synonymous with excellence. A visionary with an intuitive ability to take action. Proud to call her my business partner and you would greatly benefit from your experience working with Lisa.

– Dr. Tony Alessandra, Assessments24x7

Get energized.

At the TLR, we expect you to be committed
to the plan that lights you up and changes
the game for you and your personal brand.

Accomplish more.
Work less.

That is the TLR goal.

WHY TAKE THE HARD WAY?  Recognize that you are not alone.  Join Us.

I only started with an idea from my thought leadership online course, then I met Lisa... People are already emailing me for dates to attend my training when I have barely finished up the materials!

– Christi Garner, LMFT | Trauma Informed Training Specialist 

I personally guarantee
that if you are not happy with the results after 30 days,
I will refund your next 60 days.
- Lisa

Your Mastermind Leader

Lisa Patrick is considered a modern-day Nancy Drew, serial entrepreneur, investor, business development strategist, contributor at Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, and the podcast host of her own show the Coffee With Lisa podcast on Apple Podcasts.   

She has worked along-side some of the world’s most recognized thought-leaders helping them discover new opportunities, amplifying the existing structures within their businesses to grow their legacy.

Lisa is distinctively unforgettable. Her unstoppable persistent focus on value creation, connection, and contribution make Lisa one of the most sought after business specialists alive today.

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